Paradox Publisher Weekend on Steam - Our Top 8 Picks

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Published by Jeff 6 years ago , last updated 5 years ago

Heads up, there’s a Steam sale! Game publisher Paradox Interactive, known for games such as Europa Universalis IV and Cities Skylines have many games on sale at the moment, with some titles having as much as 80% off.

Given our intense focus on mods, it’s only fair to mention that most of the flagship franchises of Paradox’s games are moddable, AND available on Mac, Linux and Windows. With that said, here are our top picks from the sale.

[url=][b]Magicka[/b][/url] (kr17.5 (£1.99) / kr17.03 ($2.49)) and [url=][b]Magicka 2[/b][/url] (kr43.89 (£4.99) / kr40.98 ($5.99)) are both excellent co-op (though we guarantee you’re more likely to play them against your friends) games that will provide you with a few laughs for a few hours!

[url=][b]Crusader Kings II[/b][/url] is for the power hungry maniac deep inside you. Whether you’re just looking to rule a small county in Italy, or play as William the Conqueror in his 1066 conquest of England, this game is for you. Currently sitting pretty at 75% off (kr65.88 (£7.49) / kr68.34 ($9.99)).

[url=][b]Hearts of Iron III[/b][/url] is a ‘logistics simulator’ - their words, not ours - wherein you control a nation during one of the bloodiest conflicts of recent history. Available at the low price of (kr17.5 (£1.99) /  kr17.03 ($2.49))

[url=][b]Pillars of Eternity[/b][/url] is Obsidian Entertainment’s most recent attempt to revive the old CRPG genre. With a number of original races, and a smattering of classical D&D classes, Pillars of Eternity can provide you with hours of entertainment at the low price of (kr123.05 (£13.99) / kr123.07 ($17.99))

In response to the reception of Simcity’s most recent entry, Paradox and Colossal Games teamed up to release [url=][b]Cities Skylines[/b][/url]. At 75% off  (kr50.49 (£5.74) / kr51.24 ($7.49)) this game is much more than “just another city builder”, it’s a revolution in the genre.

If you’re a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, and I know many of our regular members are, then you should definitely check out [url=][b]Stellaris[/b][/url], a game that was inspired by the classics such as Master of Orion, and already has quite a number of mods available for it - (kr246.19 (£27.99) / kr218.84 ($31.99)) 20% off!

Do you want to lose 3 days in one sitting? Then you should definitely pick up [url=][b]Europa Universalis IV[/b][/url]. At kr76.88 (£8.74) / kr68.34 ($9.99) (75% off) this grand strategy game is a definite steal, and will, in turn, steal quite a few of your hours!

But hurry, these titles are only on offer for this weekend, so snatch yourself a deal now!

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