From Our Forums - Paradox publishes sales milestone, gives away DLC to celebrate

By Serio 8 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive, known for their Hearts of Iron, Magicka, and Crusader Kings series, published the sales numbers for their most recent titles earlier today. The numbers are coming after Paradox asked SteamSpy to pull their sales numbers, as they were not "representative" of the actual sales.

[b]Hearts of Iron IV[/b], the fourth entry in the World War II themed grand strategy series, landed two weeks ago. In that time, it has racked up 200,000 sales. This is across all sales platforms, so it includes all digital retailers, not just their own store.

[b]Stellaris [/b]went on sale in early May, and has since then had more than half a million sales. 

[b]Europa Universalis IV[/b], meanwhile, has hit the one million mark, which doesn't include the expansions or DLC.

In a press release, Fredrik Wester had a few things to say; [quote]“Over the course of our company’s lifetime, we have remained dedicated to creating deep and challenging games for players who want experiences that will last for countless hours. The key to these successes – games that not only sell well at launch, but sell sustainably for years to come – is that we continue to provide ongoing support and development, and remain connected to our community to understand what our players want from their time with our games. The PC platform is ideal for keeping our games updated and supported, thanks to our ability to easily share updates and new expansions – and for our players to share their creative mods.”[/quote] To celebrate these sales, owners of Europa Universalis IV can pick up the new music DLC "Fredman's Epistles". It contains fifteen traditional songs from the 18th century, written and arranged by the famous Swedish poet and songwriter Carl Michael Bellman. If you add the DLC today, it'll be yours to keep forever. After July 4, "Fredman's Epistles" will cost kr13.61 ($1.99.).

[url=http://store.steampowered.com/app/486970/][b]CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE STEAM STORE PAGE FOR "FREDMAN'S EPISTLES"[/b][/url]

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