Paradox Share Stats on Crusader Kings II Mod Usage

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 10 months ago

In a forum post made on the official site, Magne “Meneth” Skjæran, one of the programmers on Crusader Kings II, shared some interesting telemetry data with the community, sharing some fascinating insight into mod trends and popularity.

Traditionally, this kind of information has always been hard to obtain for a mod author, relying on unreliable data such as ratings and comments on mod sharing websites, true usage data has never been something collected and made available to the community before. 

MenethIf you’re anything like me, what you really want is statistics. How many people use mods, and which mods are the most popular. Luckily I come armed with exactly that.

The data collecting includes the type of mods people are using, which mods are most popular, and which mods are used together commonly in people's configurations.  The data showed that 42%, nearly half, of all players used mods of some kind, showing the ever increasing popularity. The average number of mods that people had installed was 4.24, also proving that once a user installed one mod, they were highly likely to install more.

A list of the top 20 mods for the game was also released, the top 20 of which accounted for 60% of all mod usage within the community. Startlingly, given the fact most gamers install more than one mod, 100% of all users who have a mod installed, have a mod from the top 20.

It was also highlighted that two of the mods in the top five mods for the game were designed to assist cheating in the game.

The forum post also covers localisation mods and other trends, and for those curious, and to see the top 20 mods, you can check out the developer's post here.

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