Park Beyond will feature User-Generated Content powered by mod.io

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Bandai Namco Europe and Limbic Entertainment have announced a new partnership with mod.io to introduce UGC sharing in their upcoming theme park management game, Park Beyond. The collaboration aims to provide players with a platform for cross-platform sharing of user-created content (UGC) within the game, opening up new possibilities for creativity and community engagement.

mod.io is a widely recognized cross-platform solution that has facilitated sharing user-generated content across 150 games on PC and consoles. With the integration of mod.io into Park Beyond, players will be able to share their creations, whether it be entire parks, buildings, or other imaginative designs, with fellow gamers directly within the game.

Scott Reismanis, CEO and co-founder of mod.io expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "Historically, games like Park Beyond have seen the birth of remarkable communities of creators. By collaborating with Bandai Namco Europe and Limbic Entertainment, our goal is to expand the reach of player-created content to a wider audience on both PC and consoles. We are pleased to join forces with Bandai Namco and Limbic Entertainment and their community of creators to make UGC integration universal."

Lionel Lovisa, General Studio Manager at Limbic Entertainment, emphasized the team's commitment to fostering creativity and sharing experiences in Park Beyond. Lovisa explained, "The goal of Park Beyond is to empower gamers to make their dreams come true. For Limbic Entertainment, these dreams are made to be shared. Our goal is that as many people as possible can offer their most beautiful creations to the rest of the world. This is why it seemed obvious to us to collaborate with a cross-platform solution for sharing UGC. Working with mod.io, whose history with several famous games is well established, was an obvious choice."

In addition to UGC. Limbic is dedicated to providing regular updates and new content to keep players engaged. Starting from August 2023, players can anticipate the introduction of fresh DLC included in the Season Pass or available as free downloadable content. The upcoming DLC will feature an all-new decorations theme, three new animators, pre-made items, and over 50 unique decorative items to make players' parks even more distinctive and captivating.

Further enhancements are planned for the months ahead, with the integration of two new roller coaster creation modules in September. This will be followed by adding challenging scenarios for experienced park managers in the fall, offering new avenues for strategic gameplay. Finally, this fall, players can also look forward to festive-themed free content, including the anticipated arrival of pirates in their parks.


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