Path of Exile Released on Playstation 4

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Published by Digz 3 years ago

One of the most brilliant free to play games on Steam is now released on PlayStation 4 and is still free!

Grinder Games has been working on the release for console for quite some time now and it has finally come to fruition, fans all over the world will be wanting to play this game and some gamers that unfortunately cannot play it on their computer will hopefully be downloading it immediately. The developers also announced that the release on the PlayStation 4 will include the games latest expansion called Synthesis. 

The game has already had a successful console launch in 2017 with the Xbox One and will no doubt add to its ever growing tally of players around the globe after this release onto the PlayStation. 

It's proving to be quite the year for free to play games and certainly games that reward hard work like Path of Exile whereby a key selling point of theirs is that the game is and never will be pay to win despite its free to play status. It will always be about skill and putting the hours in, we at GameFront respect that!

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