PAX 2010: Videos of Me Playing MotionSports and Your Shape on Kinect

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Posted on September 8, 2010, Phil Owen PAX 2010: Videos of Me Playing MotionSports and Your Shape on Kinect

While Kinect comes bundled with Kinect Adventures (an inspired choice, sirs and madams), both the Wii and the Playstation Move come bundled with games with the word “sports” in the titles, and so that means Kinect’s games with “sports” in the titles will be the benchmark for how successful Kinect itself will be. And so as soon as it was time for me to hang out in the Ubisoft booth at PAX, I went straight to MotionSports to do some boxing (pictured) and skiing. And because I also have a video of me playing Your Shape: Fitness Evolved on Kinect, I’m sticking that in this post.

I’ll start with Your Shape, since I always talked about it so much. As you’ll see in the video, playing this game was a pretty chill experience:


I was so chill playing the game because the game allowed me to be chill. That’s the problem.

Now watch me do some boxing on MotionSports. This game absolutely did not let me be chill while playing it, and so I was not. It actually gets pretty intense, particularly for someone like me, whose idea of running is walking. Fast movement, and me squinting at the screen because I’m not wearing my glasses:


It took a little time to figure out exactly where my arms needed to be for the game to register what I was trying to do, but once I figured it out, I beat the hell out of that simulacrum. Beat his ass.

I’ve got one more video for you folks, and it’s of me skiing for the first time in my life. Check it:


There were no problems on this one; it responded perfectly to all my movements, which as you can see weren’t always good enough to stay on the course. But that’s all right, because it was my first time on skiis. I didn’t pizza when I french fried, and so I didn’t have a bad time.

What did I learn from playing MotionSports? I learned that what the Nintendo want wanted the player to do with the Wii (move around a lot while playing games) is what Kinect forces the player to do. Here’s the thing: on Wii Sports boxing, you can play the game pretty much with small flicks of the controller while lying in bed. With MotionSports boxing, however, you must punch hard at the screen for it to register, and so physically you have to be into it. That’s what Nintendo wanted, and that’s what Microsoft is delivering.

That’s not to insult Nintendo; they did, after all, take the first step toward this and had motion controls four years before anyone else. But perhaps Microsoft is finishing the job with their future tech.

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