PAX 2011: The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe Announced

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Posted on August 26, 2011, Ross Lincoln PAX 2011: The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe Announced

In a press release sent out soon after a live statement at PAX Prime 2011, Darkhorse and BioWare announced today the upcoming publication of The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe. The actual content of this large hardcover collectors’ volume has not been revealed, but the press release appears to indicate that the book will focus mainly on the development of Mass Effect 3. It’s almost certain to include concept art, and may show off actual graphic images from the game and tie-in comics as well.

Here’s a look at the cover:

The book drops in February 2012, mere weeks before the release of Mass Effect 3. There is no word on whether or not this book will be identical to the one included with the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition. Specific details about that particular art book are scant. However, at $39.99, the price of The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe in combination with the standard edition disc ($59.99) far exceeds the cost of the Collector’s Edition. It’s a safe bet that TAOTMEU will contain content not included in the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition.

As always, we’ll let you know any details as soon as we know. And now, because you’ve been such a lovely audience, we’ll leave you with the complete press release. Enjoy.

August 25, MILWAUKIE, OR – Fans of the Mass Effect™ series looking to go deeper into the Mass Effect universe are in luck. Dark Horse is proud to announce The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, an expansive, hardcover art book showcasing the stunning and imaginative art behind the highly anticipated action RPG Mass Effect 3. With commentary from the creators of the Mass Effect series, The Art of the Mass Effect Universe invites fans to get a behind-the-scenes look at the critically acclaimed franchise.

“Mass Effect 3 is the climax of the greatest sci-fi epic of our generation, so it’s only fitting that Dark Horse up the ante as well,” Dark Horse editor Dave Marshall said. “The Art of the Mass Effect Universe will reveal reams of never-before-seen artwork that was created during the development of this modern masterpiece.”

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe will be available for purchase in February 2012 for $39.99.

From the award-winning developers at BioWare™ comes Mass Effect 3, the pinnacle of the critically acclaimed epic action RPG series. The galactic war has begun. An ancient alien race known only as the “Reapers” has launched an all-out invasion of the galaxy, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Earth has been taken, the universe is on the verge of total annihilation, and you must lead the counterassault to take it back. The price of failure is extinction. Only you, as Commander Shepard, can determine how events will play out, which planets you will save from annihilation and which alliances you will form or abandon as you rally the forces of the galaxy to eliminate the Reaper threat once and for all.


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