Pax Nova is leaving Early Access next week

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Pax Nova, a game we have been following for some time at GameFront is exiting its Early Access stage and is being released fully next week on the 28th April. The developers have been working extremely hard during this period listening to the community playing the game in Early Access and have released several updates in relation to balancing, bug fixes and general improvements. You can read some of our earlier posts here announcing the early release and what the game is about and see below about our expeditions playing the game for the first time:

In their announcement developer Grey Wolf Entertainment spoke of what to expect when the game hits full release:

Quest Victory

Uncover the secrets of Eos through the now complete quest line, which also comes with its own victory type. Unlike the existing victory types in Pax Nova, the Quest Victory has you completing a string of increasingly specific and difficult quests in order to... well we won't spoil the specifics, but you'll need to complete a final quest to win!

New Content

You’ll be able to play around with the new Mech unit class, a new exclusive technology for every faction, minor faction content, and even a new difficulty mode (Divine difficulty -- should prove quite the challenge), among other things.

Quality of Life improvements

You've shared your feedback, and we've listened. Expect to see more QoL improvements, like editing proposals and seeing their values change in real time, or seeing the relationship status of the faction a unit belongs to.

Balance changes

Quite a few balancing changes in the full release which should lead to more strategic combat and resource management, for example. These changes include but are not limited to artillery units now being able to fire through mountain tiles, an overhaul of trading with other factions and how proposal types are valued, as well as changes to the costs of upgrading existing units.

Improved AI and space layer

The space layer should prove to be better than ever, with ships no longer being able to dip down and land when they are under fire. The AI has also become a tougher (and smarter) nut to crack, as they will make much better use of the space layer. They're also much smarter when it comes to economy and city management, as well as warfare.


Who wants to conquer their intergalactic foes without proper recognition? Nobody, that's who. Upon release, Pax Nova will have an array of achievements, from building outposts to assimilating vassals.

Head on over the games Steam page here and make sure you buy the game!


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