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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Iceberg and Greywolf Entertainment have been working hard getting out content for the game and charging through updates and bugfixes to improve the game since the early release. They've released the 0.7.2 update which involves a lot of bug fixing and crash fixing which we all welcome, you can read about the full changelog here. They have also implemented a planetary update which will give a visual overhall to the planets and with new mechanics on the planet surface to help with production like tiles with infested lands. There's also a huge improvement to the s[ace dynamic with more technologies to research, more weapons and just more everything!

If you haven't tuned into the game for a while make sure you update it and you give it another go, it's a brilliant game and the team are improving it on a daily basis with fantastic updates. Most importantly they are utilising the early access phase to really listed to you, the players, in how to develop this game so please ensure you are giving your feedback on the Steam forums and on their Discord.

If you haven't purchased the game yet and are interested, take a look at a gameplay overview I did back when the early access began, the game has developed a lot now and is more refined than what it was in this video. But it does give you a good indication in what to expect from the game:

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