Payday 2 is currently free to play all weekend

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

There's some new DLC out for Payday 2, known as Overkill, and that means only one thing - the game is currently free to play for the whole of this weekend!

The new DLC update brings a lot of new additions to the game, the main event of which is The Border Crossing Heist, which sees you sticking up joints in both the United States and Mexico, as you take on old rivals, Murkywater and the Dentist, in a bid to take down their smuggling operation across the border.

There's new features too, though, including a new outfit system in the game, and a new pack that adds new weapon optics to your inventory.

The new outfit system is quite interesting, as you can now customize your appearance in great detail, rather than just the mask you wear, with various outfits and combinations available from a full wardrobe. The Silk Road update includes six outfits to choose from, with everything from the practical to the outrageous, such as being able to dress up as a surgeon.

You can grab the game for free all this weekend on Steam, although you'll need to purchase to carry on playing after this weekend. The good news is though the base game is currently 50% off should you want to carry on after the free period ends on the 11th of November.


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