PC Gamers Complaining about Skyrim’s Textures, UI, Mouse & Keyboard Support

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Posted on November 11, 2011, CJ Miozzi PC Gamers Complaining about Skyrim’s Textures, UI, Mouse & Keyboard Support

Skyrim’s been out for three and a half hours now, and PC gamers have already been complaining about consolization. The textures are allegedly dated, the UI is consolized, the mouse feels awkward, and the game lacks proper keyboard support.

While I don’t think anyone can say that Skyrim looks bad, graphics are, to an extent, subjective, so we’ll let you judge for yourself. This thread demonstrates the difference between the low and ultra graphics settings. As you can see, textures receive only a marginal increase in quality — whether that quality is good enough is for you to decide.

After playing the game myself, I must corroborate the fact that the UI is indeed consolized — I’d go so far as to call it a hot mess. The interface is clearly not designed to be used with a mouse; creating a character was a painstaking process that involved moving sliders that wouldn’t respond properly to mouse clicks.

Which brings us to the mouse handling. Let me start by saying that, after a series of tweaks, my mouse now behaves the way I want it to. However, before that, it was sluggish and had different sensitivities across the X- and Y-axes — a poor first impression.

The keyboard naturally follows suit; apart from menu controls that are counter-intuitive to PC gamers, and if you rebind your keys, the UI continues to refer to the default binds when prompting you to press a key.

How ironic that, just earlier today, Bethesda said developing for PC “a headache.”

What’s your experience been with Skyrim thus far? I’m looking forward to my un-consolization mod.

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