Peripheral Maker Leaks Wii U Launch Date

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Posted on August 27, 2012, Ross Lincoln Peripheral Maker Leaks Wii U Launch Date

Well Folks, mark your calendars: The 8th generation of consoles apparently comes to an end on November 18th. That news is thanks to peripheral manufacturer PDP, who let the date slip during GameStop’s Manager’s conference today in Texas. Supposedly, while listing their upcoming Wii Peripherals, they mentioned these peripherals will be released “just ahead of the Wii U’s November 18 release”. Kotaku has the scoop from an inside source. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but they’ve scheduled a major press event in New York City on September 13, where it is expected they will make the official announcement.

This isn’t a complete surprise of course; it confirms what a list of Nintendo’s upcoming games, also leaked by GameStop, suggested back in July. It’s long been assumed that Nintendo wants to own the beginning of the 8th generation, and that the surest way to do so would be to release Wii U during the 2012 holiday season, well in advance of the assumed Summer/fall releases of Xbox 720 and Playstation 4. The question to my mind is whether or not it’s too soon. Nintendo rushed 3DS out to get ahead of playstation Vita. The result is a half-finished device that requires a clumsy add-on to work like every other moden hand held. Is Wii U similarly unfinished? My experience at E3 says yes, at least in terms of content. The only two arguable new AAA titles planned during the holiday launch window are Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U. Everything else is filler.

If Wii U launches with a bunch of shovelware, all the interesting controls and technology in the world won’t make it a hit. Especially if it’s expensive, and with all of the things it can do, I’m skeptical it will release for anything approaching affordable. We will, of course, see for ourselves in September.

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