Phil Spencer teases next game by Obsidian

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Obsidian Entertainment are still riding high on the success of The Outer Worlds, with new DLC now planned for next year, but over the holidays Xbox's Major Nelson and Phil Spencer got together and for a chat, and may have accidentally let slip Obsidian's next project...

Infact, they spoke about two projects. The first is known as Grounded, which is being developed by a smaller team within Obsidian, although details are scarce beyond that.

The exchange happened when Spencer asked Major Nelson what the team was working on. Upon Mentioning "Grounded", Spencer said “Well, no, I’m referring to the whole team”.

As for what this other game is about, or even what it'll be called, we have no idea, but something is indeed cooking - a job listing for a Senior Technical Artist at the studio spills some more beans;

We’re looking for an individual who knows how to create tools, assets, and pipelines in Houdini that integrate well with Unreal Engine 4 for next generation game platforms. This Houdini Technical Artist will work with Area Designers, the Art Director, Technical Director, and production artists to develop tools that allow others to iterate effectively and reliably on an open world environment.

The listing mentions both melee and ranged combat, and non-humanoid characters, which could be anything, but does sound very much like The Outer Worlds. 

It'll be interesting to see what the studio do next.

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