Planetside 2 is getting a brand new continent in major update

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

It's been seven years since the last continent was added to Planetside 2, but the wait is almost over, with developers Rogue Planet confirming that a major update is finally coming, known as Expedition: Oshur, which will add a brand new "full-featured water system" to the game allowing combat both above and below the waves.

According to the lead designer, Michael Henderson, "the team has done some amazing work bringing this to fruition, and I think our players are really going to dig it," stating that ""rarely do we get to deliver players an entirely new combat space, and it’s been years since a playspace has been created at this scale.” 

It'll be the first major update in the best part of a decade, although the update was first announced way back in August of 2018. The new continent of Oshur will appear in a new two-part campaign that will get underway on the 17th of November, which will mark the 9th anniversary of the game. Players who complete the various missions will find themselves on a "forgotten paradise island" that was abandoned at the start of the war.

The second part of the campaign will land in December and will open up the full continent, consisting of a number of islands that will be rich in resources. Along with this, there'll be new underwater weapons to complement the new water system, and plenty to explore both above and below sea level.

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