Play Command and Conquer Co-op Campaigns over LAN with Red Alert 3 Co-Op LAN Enabler

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Posted on November 25, 2008, Shawn Sines Play Command and Conquer Co-op Campaigns over LAN with Red Alert 3 Co-Op LAN Enabler

Some gamers were disappointed that EA didn’t allow for Co-op Campaign play through the LAN network menu for Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. A few were so miffed, they created a mod to allow LAN gameplay. FileFront has the Red Alert 3 Co-Op Lan Enabler Utility (1.1) with detailed instructions on how to install and use this mod. More information follows the break.

As we all know, Electronic Arts decided not to include Coop-Campaign functionality in LAN network menu of the game. We decided to change that – in result, you can now play any mission of your choice, with your friend, on LAN without need of being connected.

Turn off the game!

Extract “Ra3LanCoop_v1.1_TeknoGods.rar” to the Red Alert 3 installation folder.

Extract & Rebuild Campaign maps into LAN-friendly format using our home-brew map extractor utility which should be now located in “MapExtractorMapExtractor.exe”. Screenshot:

Run the game using “RA3Coop.exe”. This program enables you to choose a game version to execute, different language, configuration file, switch the window mode ON/OFF, disable bad language filter and switch coop mode ON/OFF, in case you would like to simply run the game normally. In the future we will also enable the AI difficulty settings, right now they are causing very heavy network desynchronization and disconnects. Screenshot:

In game, do not use LAN menu to play Coop-Campaign games with AI, use Skirmish menu instead.

For more information on Command & Conquer, visit Command & Conquer Files on the FileFront network.

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