Play Orange Box Games for A Chance to Win $500

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Posted on July 18, 2012, CJ Miozzi Play Orange Box Games for A Chance to Win $500

Are you an uber-skilled, noob-crushing prodigy prodigy that can compete with the world’s best players and crush them under your heel?

No, you’re probably not. You may be able to win a public game now and again, but you know you can’t stand toe-to-toe with pros, and that means there’s no point even trying to participate in prize tournaments, right?

Enter Capture the Prize, an initiative that doesn’t reward the best players, but rather the players that log the most hours. This month’s prize? $500. The winner will be randomly picked between all players who have logged 30+ hours.

This initiative supports select servers and all Orange Box games and their modifications. Server owners can have their servers added to the list, which is free for the time being. I presume that in the future, there will be a fee — server owners would initially be paying for the server traffic this initiative will bring in.

As of this writing, nine servers are on the list, but I suspect that number will rise with this initiative’s popularity. It’s a novel concept, with the only caveat being that you need to register your Steam account with the website.

UPDATE: To clarify, you don’t actually register your Steam account with the website. Rather, you create a free account on the website, and using Steam OpenID, you link your website account to your Steam account via the Steam Web API. That’s all behind the scenes, of course, but it’s a legitimate resource Valve supplies web developers.

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