Player Starts Poll Asking BioWare for New Mass Effect 3 Ending [UPDATED]

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Posted on March 9, 2012, Phil Hornshaw Player Starts Poll Asking BioWare for New Mass Effect 3 Ending [UPDATED]

Warning! There could be spoilers in here! We’re working to keep them to a minimum, but you’ve been warned.

UPDATE: Fans are banding together to try to get through to BioWare, and some have even started a Facebook page demanding the ending for Mass Effect 3 be reworked. The same group also has a Twitter campaign, spearheaded by the account @RetakeMassEffect and using the #RetakeMassEffect hash tag. The original BioWare forum post polling users about a new ending and asking BioWare to retcon the existing endings for something new has also become one of the most viewed posts on the forums, with more than 66,000 views and more than 9,800 votes as of this writing. You can check out that forum post right here. Thanks to commenters Schirach and Laughing_Sherpa for pointing that stuff out.

You can expect a lot more coverage and discussion of Mass Effect 3′s endings from the Game Front team starting next week.

Original story begins:

Now that a few lucky Mass Effect 3 fans (with a lot of free time) have been able to come to the conclusion of the Commander Shepard story, a few are a little less than satisfied with the endings BioWare has made available in the game.

We won’t go too far into detail about what those endings are or how they work, but we will say that at least some players are hoping BioWare might make some changes at a later time, either through patch or DLC. One player, known in the BioWare forums as DeinonSlayer, even went so far as to outline an entire new ending for the game. Another player, f1ndmenow, started a poll in the BioWare forums in an attempt to drum up support for at least some kind of new ending, if not the one written there.

If you’ve finished the game (you’ll be spoiled if you don’t!), you can check out the poll, vote in it and leave some comments right here. Already, the poll has garnered nearly 900 votes as of this writing, along with 166 comments and 5,200 views. If you’re among those who weren’t happy with the ending of Mass Effect 3, I suggest you go make your voice heard…kind of.

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