Playing Dark Souls in the Dark

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Published by FileTrekker 6 months ago , last updated 6 months ago

There's been a lot of creative mods for Dark Souls lately, often taking the fiendishly difficult game and making it even harder. People are just suckers for punishment, I guess. 

The latest mod of this kind to come down the pike comes from modder Notaprofi, and plunges the entire game into intense darkness. Only the immediate area where the player stands is lit, in a spotlight type effect.  

The level of darkness that players can expect to encounter will vary from area to area, but in general, you're going to have a very, very hard time with this one. 

The mod has been proven beatable, though, even through some terrifyingly impossible-looking boss fights, so if you're looking for some extreme Dark Souls challenges to sink your teeth into, this is another great option. 

So if you're interested in taking this nightmarish challenge, you can find out more and download the mod here

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