Playing the Wii Causes….Wiiitis?

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Posted on June 6, 2007, Ron Whitaker Playing the Wii Causes….Wiiitis?

WiiSo, it seems a certain Dr. Julio Bonis woke up with a sore shoulder on a Sunday. Since he’d spent some time on the couch lately, his expert medical judgment was that his sore shoulder was caused by the playing his Wii.

Dr. Bonis had spent several hours playing tennis on Wii Sports. Now, if you haven’t spent any time playing Wii Sports, I can tell you that a few hours of tennis can really leave you sore. However, it’s nothing that doesn’t go way by morning. But that explanation wasn’t enough for Dr. Bonis. He decided the condition required a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine. In that letter, he said, “The variant in this patient can be labelled more specifically as ‘Wiiitis.’”

So, what’s the cure for ‘Wiiitis’? “The treatment consisted of ibuprofen for one week, as well as complete abstinence from playing Wii video games. The patient recovered fully,” said Dr. Bonis. He continued, “What convinced me to send the case report was that a friend of mine, after playing ‘Wii Sports’ suffered from a similar complaint. I have not found other cases in my clinical practice, but it is probably an underdiagnosed condition.”

Hmmmm. So, if I get a sore elbow from overindulging my Wii addiction, I need to run right to the doctor and get it checked out? Would it be all right if just sat at home and took my own Advil? Maybe I could even not play so much? This is the silliest thing I’ve read in a while, and that is saying something. This doctor needs to get out of the house more.

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