'Pokémon Prism' leaks online after Nintendo's intervention

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

We recently reported on Nintendo's takedown of this much anticipated fan-hack of Pokémon Gold - but the hack has made it's way out into the public domain regardless, thanks to a group of leakers, who are currently distributing the rom via PasteBin.

While we won't be providing any instructions on how to find or use the Rom Hack, in respect of the author's original intention to take the mod down and avoid legal issues with Nintendo, if you do decide to seek out the rom hack, do so carefully, as these channels are far from the ideal or legitimate way to acquire rom hacks of this type, and no doubt there will be those who take advantage of the situation to spread malware or other unwanted nasties.

It's interesting to note, however, that despite cancellation of the mod, the Pokémon Prism community is continuing to grow and thrive on the back of the leak, with it's subreddit increasing in size daily.

Nintendo have yet to comment further on their decision to issue a cease and desist to Koolboyman, author of the hack, which introduced up to 252 new Pokémon to the classic Gold game, from across four generations of Pokémon games.

It's nice to see that the author's 8 years of work and effort are still going to be seen by a wide audience, however, despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the game's inevitable cancellation. It can only be hoped that Nintendo will see sense and stop trying to prevent the inevitable spread of this rom hack, allowing fans to download the game from more authentic channels.

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