Popular Science Predicts PS3 Will Be The Top Seller By 2010

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Posted on June 10, 2007, William Popular Science Predicts PS3 Will Be The Top Seller By 2010


I’ve been saying this for a while. Most people are acting like Nintendo has already won the battle, which is obviously not the case. These next-gen systems were built with long term plans in mind. Sure it’s true that Sony has not met their expectations at this point, but there is plenty of time to play catch up. I really do not think it’s like the old days where new systems come out every couple of years. The 360, Wii and PS3 will be viable gaming systems for at least another 5 years. We have to keep in mind that the PS2 is still a big seller. Perhaps when the PS2 sales start to fall off, people will be upgrading to the PS3. I also have a strong feeling that the PS3 has some sleeper hits coming out this fall from the lineup I have seen. This year is going to be all about Halo 3, but sadly there is more to gaming than Halo. Doubt the PS3 if you want to, but in a year I am certain things are going to change. I know I sound like a Sony fanboy this week, but I’m really not. I just have a strong belief that the PS3 will eventually be a huge success. Sony knows what they are doing in the long run.

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