Portal 2 Dev Console Cheats

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Posted on April 21, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Portal 2 Dev Console Cheats

Maybe our super-detailed and video-filled Portal 2 game guide isn’t enough for you. Maybe you need to cheat so hard, you can manipulate the very rules of Portal 2. Well, if you have a PC copy, you can do that — you can bend the game to your will.

You just have to enable the developer’s console in your copy. It’s easy to do: just go to the Main Menu, then hit Options: Keyboard and Mouse: Enable Developer’s Console. Done and done.

Now hit the ~ key whenever you want to open the console and you can input commands. Here are a few that seem to be the most useful:

  • sv_cheats 1

– turns cheats on. You need to enter this one before any other commands.

  • noclip

– Allows you to fly and move through objects without being deterred by them.

  • god

– Makes you invulnerable.

  • thirdperson

– Switch the camera to third-person mode. It’s a little screwy, but also kind of cool.

You can also check out the full list of dev console commands for Valve’s Source engine here. They let you do a few other cool things, like turn beams to wireframes, close all portals, take screenshots, and more.

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