Portal 2 gets Vulkan support and improvements to user-created puzzles

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Portal 2 seems to be getting some love in recent months. Following on from the surprise co-op update late last year, the game has just been updated again with yet more co-op enhancements, and even support for the Vulkan graphics API.

Not that it necessarily needed it - I find Portal 2 will happily render away at 120fps at 4K Ultra even on a modest rig, but the game now supports the Vulkan renderer regardless. The game also now has improved descriptions in the advanced video setting screen, and makes the default video settings "smarter."

In terms of the game itself, the compile-time for any user-created Perpetual Testing Initiative puzzles is now significantly quicker, and there's been a bunch of other quality of life fixes and improvements;

  • Implemented a Vulkan render backend (currently accessible through the -vulkan command line parameter).
  • Improved compile time for Perpetual Training Initiative puzzles.
  • Improved advanced video settings descriptions.
  • Made the game Hi-DPI aware.
  • Smarter default video settings.
  • Improved resolution of player avatars throughout the game.
  • Players can now be invited to play co-op on controller.
  • Button text contrast and padding has been improved when using a controller.
  • Implemented a 360° Spin action.
  • The portalgun is now correctly affected by dynamic lights (projected textures) in the scene.
  • Improved client-side prediction for coop play.
  • Added the ability for workshop levels to pack particles into their map with a particles/map_manifest.txt
  • Misc. rendering optimizations.
  • Added an icon to the game on Linux.
  • Removed the "Trading Coming Soon" button.

On top of this, there's also a bunch of bug fixes too, many of which seem to relate to the Linux version of the game. It's interesting to see Portal 2 is still getting these kinds of patches or updates all these years later. Why? Who knows, but it's certainly appreciated. I recently gave the game another playthrough and it still holds up, even today.


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