Portal 2 Rat Man Dens

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Posted on April 21, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Portal 2 Rat Man Dens

Scattered in the early chapters of Portal 2, which you might miss if you’re burning through puzzles using our Portal 2 walkthru, are hidden rooms you can reach if you look carefully, which are always covered in scribblings and drawings. They often appear to be the rantings of a mad man, one with an unhealthy interest in Chell.

In truth, these rooms are the “Rat Man dens” — the living spaces of a test subject called Doug Rattmann, a former Aperture Laboratories employee forced to run the portal tests before Chell in the first Portal. When you see “the cake is a lie” scrawled on the wall — that’s the handiwork of Doug “Rat Man” Rattmann. He’s also a paranoid schizophrenic who is off his meds while locked in the Enrichment Center by GLaDOS.

You can get Rat Man’s story in the “Lab Rat” comic created by Valve, which bridges the story between Portal and Portal 2.

There are also six of Rat Man’s rooms you can discover while moving through Chapters 1-3 of Portal 2. We’ve got the locations listed below — finding one of them is the means to unlocking the “Final Transmission” Achievement or Trophy, as well.

There’s also a highly specific kind of Easter Egg you can find in the Rat Man dens, called the Rat Man Transmissions. Follow the link to see how to unlock them.

Den 1

Location: Test Chamber 4, Chapter 1

You’ll reach this first Rat Man den automatically when you fall through a glass surface as part of the story.

Den 2

Location: Test Chamber 3, Chapter 2

Includes: Easter Egg “Exile Villify” by The National

When you get to the Discouragement Redirection Cube (the weighted storage cube with the lenses used for redirecting lasers), look across to the wall opposite your position. You should see a hole in the wall that you can slip through. Here you’ll also find a radio playing the song “Exile Villify” by The National. The group actually wrote the song just for Portal 2, and you can listen to it in its entirety in the room.

Den 3

Location: Test Chamber 6, Chapter 2

Includes: “Final Transmission” Achievement/Trophy

To get to this Rat Man den, you’ll have to carefully position some portals and launch yourself using an aerial faith plate (one of those catapult things). The den is accessible through a vent that’s easy to miss. Get there by starting at the door to the chamber and looking for two angled panels on the right side of the room. Put a portal on the higher, right-most panel, then one on the wall to the left, where the white portal-accepting panels stretch out on the bottom a little further than they do on the top. When you go through the portals using the faith plate, this will shoot you into a vent in the corner to the right of the angled panels.

To unlock the “Final Transmission” Achievement or Trophy, hit the button on the weighted storage cube tube at the end of the level and let it dump out all its garbage. Look for a radio amongst it and bring the radio with you. Approach Rat Man’s drawings inside to unlock the achievement when you hear a coded transmission. You can decode it with the steps we’ve got on our Rat Man Transmissions page.

Den 4

Location: Chamber 12, Chapter 3

Includes: Pretty drawings

This one is accessible through portals, but you’ll need to use the Hard Light Bridge in order to see it. Look at the ceiling for a hole — that’s where you’re headed, among the ducts hidden behind the panels. In order to get there, get up on the Hard Light Bridge through normal means, then look up in through the hole in the ceiling. You should see a portal-accepting surface on the ceiling. Nail it with a portal and jump through to come out in a small room with another mural.

Den 5

Location: Chamber 16, Chapter 3

Includes: Mural showing GLaDOS turning on the Aperture scientists, Band of Turrets Easter egg

This chamber is filled with turrets, and the very first thing you’ll do as you enter the room is pass a turret behind a grille. You can only dodge it at the moment. Solve the puzzle as you usually would, using the laser beam and portals to kill the three turrets nearby and get the cubes. Using the storage cube to hold down the button and portals to redirect the beam, hold the cube with the lens in it to fire the laser at the turret behind the grate to blow it open. Go inside and you’ll see the Band of Turrets Easter egg, and find the den just beyond.

Den 6

Location: Chamber 17, Chapter 3

Includes: A reference to Chell and the Lab Ratcomic

Standing on the Hard Light Bridge near where it comes out from the wall, above the archway leading toward the exit. There’s a portal-accepting surface above that, so shoot it with a portal to send the bridge up there, as far left as you can. Then walk through the portal and stay on the bridge, and you should come across an open panel on your right. Sneak inside to find the last den, another mural and a bunch of interesting mugs scattered everywhere.

There’s more hidden junk scattered throughout Portal 2 — get all the info you need with our Cheats page! Unlock a few accouterments for Atlas and P-Body with our Steam Content FAQ for the PC version and reshape the game to your will by accessing our Developer’s Console Explanation. Hit up our ever-growing library of Achievement Explanation Videos and Trophy Walkthru Videos. Plus, there’s more hidden Easter Eggs than you can shake a robotic wood-like branch beam at.

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