Pot Smoking Teen's Guitar Hero III Sells for $9,100

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Posted on December 11, 2007, Jonathan Pot Smoking Teen's Guitar Hero III Sells for $9,100


William reported last week about a weird eBay auction, where a dad caught his son smoking weed and decided to sell off his Christmas present — a copy of Guitar Hero III for the Wii — as punishment. Well, the auction ended yesterday, and the final bid? $9,100. Of course, we’ll have to see if the winner of the auction actually pays. Also, in a section below the original posting, the seller addressed a lot of questions and comments he has received from people. Most interesting of note is his statement that if the winning bidder doesn’t pay, he’ll just go ahead and give the game to his son; and that’s most likely what’s going to happen:

This auction has been lots of fun for us. For the last couple of days, as soon as he comes in the house, the first thing he says to me is “what’s new with the auction?”. We have read many of the comments together (please keep this in mind when writing them) and I think he is enjoying this more than you might expect. As I said, my son and I are more like best friends than “Pa’ and Junior”, and this has become just one more thing we have come to enjoy sharing.So I decided to let him make the decision concerning the fate of the auction. He thinks it would be “stupid” to cancel the auction right now. While I may not completely agree with this, he undeniably has more at stake her than I do. We talked about it over the last couple of days, especially yesterday evening, and came to a conclusion. We figure one of two things will happen.

1. The auction will finish at an absurdly high price due to uncontrolled bidding, and the high bidder will be a newly registered user who with no intention of paying.. Several bidders seem to have registered just to bid on this auction. I am fully expecting the bidding to skyrocket near the end of the auction. There are nearly 400 people watching the auction. Instead of canceling bids, we have decided on something else. If the seemingly LIKELY situation of a non-paying bidder winning the auction is realized, that will be the end of it. I will not beg or plea someone to pay, nor will I give out second chance offers. My son will get the guitar hero game. Just my assertion of this is almost guaranteeing that this will be the outcome. I can just see all of the “Isaac-apologists” rushing out to get an ebay account right now and putting in a bid of $10 000. Well, go for it if you want. As I mentioned in several comments, my son is a smart cookie.

2. Less likely. The auction will finish much higher than I had initially anticipated, and the high bidder will actually pay. We have talked about this, and my son (always one to seize an opportunity) has negotiated a plan of what to do with the money. We have struck a deal. It seems that guitar hero 3 is not the only thing he has ever wanted. The money will go to good, fair use, and depending on how much it actually is, I may use some of it in a more philanthropistic context. I made him understand that the money is NOT HIS and it is not a situation of “higher bids = better present for Isaac”.

Well, look at that. Sounds like this is actually a loving, caring family, rather than the supremely oppressive picture the internet forums have been painting. Not that any of this is going to stop the random strangers out there from condemning a man for parenting his own kid the way he sees fit.

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