Pre-order Mass Effect 3 Art Book, Get Downloadable Cheats

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Posted on January 26, 2012, Phil Owen Pre-order Mass Effect 3 Art Book, Get Downloadable Cheats

I mean, I guess I get why EA and BioWare would bundle Mass Effect 3 DLC codes with random merch, first with the action figures and now with this Dark Horse art book. In my head, I get it. It’s synergy. The new paradigm. You know.

But still, it feels a little bit weird. They include codes for things like “character boosters,” which as far as I know are cheats. That’s a dumb thing to give away, first off. Second, does this mean you can buy cheats for the game? That’s so EA.

The art book will also come with a code for a weapon, the Collector assault rifle, pictured. Seems cool enough, and it’s probably more powerful than your regular rifle, since it’s not included with the game.

Whatevs. I’m trying to feel indignant about this, but it’s not working. This is just EA being EA.

If you want the code, you’ll need to order the book from Barnes and Noble by February 20.

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