Pro Tip: Don't blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Microsoft has had to take the extraordinary step of advising it's customers not to blow vape smoke into it's Xbox Series X console after players posted viral videos online pretending their machines had caught fire.

The videos, which were quickly shown to be fake, purported to show smoke billowing from the top of their brand new console. In reality, they had blown a load of vape smoke into the console's intake vents to create the effect.

The effect is created by turning the console off and placing a small amount of vape liquid into the console's vertical cooling chambers.  Turn it on, and let it do its magic, I guess. While it's not likely to cause any immediate damage to the console, at least not in small quantities, it's a really, really bad idea, and could potentially ruin your brand new console. 

Besides, it's not a great look when your console is billowing cherry flavoured nicotine, or whatever your flavour of the month is. Imagine trying to resell it down the line, or returning it for warranty if something went wrong. 

The video above, although not in English, demonstrates how the effect was done. Frankly, I can't think of anything more stupid to do with my expensive new gaming hardware and suffice to say, Microsoft won't be honouring your warranty if it discovers you've been doing it. 

There have been one or two genuine, minor launch day issues with the new console though, including problems displaying 120hz refresh rates on certain TV sets, and Microsoft is encouraging genuine problems to be reported via it's support pages.

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