Activision Offers Three Exclusive PROTOTYPE Pre-order Deals

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Posted on May 6, 2009, Eva Activision Offers Three Exclusive PROTOTYPE Pre-order Deals

Prototype-Alex MercerIn anticipation of the upcoming PROTOTYPE launch, Activision is offering three pre-order incentive packages. Each package includes collectors items that are meant to give you a head start in the open world action game where you play Alex Mercer, a shape-shifter who takes “You are what you eat” to a new level.

Gamers can score an action figure of PROTOTYPE’s anti-hero Alex Mercer along with a hint sheet to key you into prime spots throughout New York City. The flip side is a poster for those who aren’t interested in these critical hints. There’s also a limited edition concept art book from developer Radical Entertainment featuring weapons, enemies, and locations as well as illustrations of Mercer’s shape-shifting abilities. The final offering is the PROTOTYPE Comic from Wild Storm. The story lets you step out of Mercer’s persona to view the conflict through the eyes of two of New York City’s finest.

The hard part will be to figure out who to pre-order from to get the item you crave most. PROTOTYPE is due for release June 9, 2009 for the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3. Follow the break for details on the pre-order offers from Gamestop, Hollywood Gamecrazy, and Amazon.


Reserve PROTOTYPE at GameStop and get an Alex Mercer Collectible Action Figurine*, plus…A 2-sided Critical Hints Location Map / Poster*

Become the most deadly shape-shifter of all through the collection of critical hints sprawled across the vast expanse of New York City. Collecting and absorbing the information with in these critical hints will give players a tremendous tactical advantage.


Reserve PROTOTYPE at GameCrazy and get a Limited Edition Hard Back Art Concept Book

*This art book captures the details of Alex Mercer’s character, shape-shifting abilities and weapons. Additionally it illustrates other characters, enemies, locations and infections that make up the PROTOTYPE game. The game background and conceptual art with in this book will impress all PROTOTYPE fans and gaming enthusiasts.


Reserve PROTOTYPE at Amazon and get the Limited Edition PROTOTYPE Comic from Wild Storm.

Take a deeper dive into the world of Prototype with an exclusive bonus comic from Wild Storm. Experience the action from a different perspective in this new series as you follows two NYC homicide detectives as they try to hunt down the game’s protagonist, Alex Mercer.

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