PS Suite Could Be on Everything You Own (Almost)

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Posted on February 1, 2011, Phil Hornshaw PS Suite Could Be on Everything You Own (Almost)

Playstation Suite might be compatible with Google’s Android mobile operating system, but that doesn’t mean Sony’s game distribution platform is going to be married to it.

That’s according to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Harai, who was quoted by Andriasang as saying that PS Suite has an “open stance.” It’ll definitely be available for Android, and could hit Apple’s iOS operating system for its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, and even straight to connected TVs, like Gameloft is doing with Panasonic.

Right now, the platform will be available on certain Android devices and on Sony’s upcoming NGP, allowing for cross-compatibility for players on both kinds of devices. PS Suite will feature a games store that will include late generation Playstation games as well as new games from third-party developers that feature the Playstation brand.

Harai said Sony isn’t closed off to pushing PS Suite on other operating systems, but it doesn’t have the resources to build out for all of them at the outset. As for Sony’s connected TVs, a PS Suite feature is possible “if adoption rate increases, or if it will help push adoption greatly.”

So basically, it’s all about how well PS Suite does, or how well Sony’s connected TVs do. As for the other mobile operating systems, Sony faces potential road blocks — for one, Microsoft is its chief competitor in video games. For another, Apple isn’t super-keen on letting other companies sell apps without going through it first, and that means Sony would probably have to surrender the required 30 percent off the top to Apple for in-app purchases. That’s not exactly likely to happen, at least not anytime soon.

Even so, the fact that Sony is looking for other ways to increase the ubiquity of PS Suite is great, because to be frank, it’s quite possibly the best thing the company’s portable gaming business has going for it.

Via Destructoid.

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