PS3 Hack Suit Delayed By Jurisdiction Questions

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Posted on January 17, 2011, Phil Hornshaw PS3 Hack Suit Delayed By Jurisdiction Questions

While the Playstation 3 gaming community is starting to feel the crap getting heaped down on them from the homebrew crowd intent on rendering multiplayer no fun for anyone, it seems George “GeoHot” Hotz is getting a slight delay of Sony’s intended retribution.

Joystiq is reporting that lawyers are fighting over which court has jurisdiction in Sony’s lawsuit against Hotz for publicizing the PS3 root key, basically opening the door for piracy on the console and as Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 players are finding, to all kinds of cheating.

San Francisco District Court Judge Susan Illston, currently presiding over the case, raised questions about California’s jurisdiction because GeoHot is from New Jersey. Sony wants the case tried in California — or at least not delayed to move it to Jersey — and is arguing that most of the services used to disseminate the root key, including YouTube and Twitter, are based in California. PayPal, which GeoHot supposedly used to receive donations on his website, is also set up in California.

But Illston isn’t buying the PayPal argument, it seems. “If having a PayPal account were enough, then there would be personal jurisdiction in this court over everybody, and that just can’t be right,” she said.

So it could be a while before Sony gets to take on its hackers. Not that it’s going to close Sony’s Pandora’s Box or anything.

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