PSP2 Is Still Its Own Thing, Is Being Shown to Publishers

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Posted on August 19, 2010, Phil Owen PSP2 Is Still Its Own Thing, Is Being Shown to Publishers

So that alleged Playstation phone that might be out this year? Not the PSP2, if Eurogamer’s report is to be believed. Their stool pigeons are telling them that Sony is showing off a version of the next PSP to publishers and that it’s got a big ole awesome screen and that the unit is overall the same size at the PSP-3000 and  that it’ll probably utilize flash memory and that — TWIST! — the controls are on the back of the thing.

No joke. The stoolies say there is a “touch-sensitive area” on the thing’s ass, which Eurogamer amusingly calls “the reverse of the unit.” You Europeans are awesome at words.

The stoolies disagree, however, on when Sony wants to release this thing. One says it’ll be out by the end of next year, and another says it’ll be a few more years before we get it. Alls I knows is that it won’t immediately undercut my purchase of a 3000 back in June, so I’m cool with waiting.

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