PUBG Battlegrounds has 80,000 new players since going free-to-play

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Published by FileTrekker 1 month ago , last updated 1 month ago

While it's not the most popular anymore, PUBG: Battlegrounds (and its various assorted prior names) is still the originator of the Battle Royale craze, and according to Krafton, is growing in popularity since it went free-to-play back in January of this year, with revenues also increasing.

According to Krafton, the game now has 80,000 more daily active users than before its conversion into a free-to-play title. Average revenue earned per user has actually increased too, by more than 20% per user, quarter over quarter. 

The game is feeling more like a F2P title than ever these days, doubling down on in-game cosmetic item sales, and brand cross-overs with properties such as Assassin's Creed. What isn't clear though is how much of the revenue is driven through mobile vs. PC. It's been a while since I tried the mobile version of PUBG, and found it to be a little bit of a wasteland, but perhaps things have picked up in recent times.

Krafton will also be showing off The Callisto Protocol, along with another new, as yet unveiled IP at Gamescom in just over a week's time - we'll have boots on the ground at Gamescom so stay tuned to GameFront for all the latest news.

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