PUBG now has Fulton balloons for that quick emergency escape

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Ever found yourself pinned down in PUBG with no hope of escape? Well, perhaps there's now a new direction you could possibly go - up - thanks to the new Fulton balloon's that you can use to make a quick escape into the sky before parachuting back down to the map.

It's similar to the balloon's seen in Metal Gear Solid V and will be a new "Emergency Pickup" that you can use to send your entire team upwards if you find yourself in a tricky spot. It's also reminiscent of the redeploy balloons from Apex Legends and will allow you to stay airborne for 60 seconds before you're picked up by a plane heading to the centre of the safe zone. You can then redeploy at any time.

It seems like a useful way to get out of a sticky situation and is another sign of PUBG heading towards more and more implausible game mechanics compared to its authentic shooter origins. I like it though, it's a fun new addition and is bound to lead to a few laughs if nothing else.

Also coming to PUBG in the latest updates is a new Paramo with better cover,  although the Haven and Karakin maps are going away. According to PUBG Corp, there has been a rethink on the game's map rotations, and therefore Erangel and Miramar have been made permanent, while the other map slots will cycle from time to time.


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