Quantic Dream could be working on new Star Wars title

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The developers of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human could be working on a new Star Wars game, according to reports from a number of different sources.

The news suggests that Quantic Dream are working on a new Star Wars game, with a deal allegedly already done with Disney and the game itself is apparently fairly far along into development. Adding fuel to the rumour, Quantic dropped a hint that would align with the rumours too.

YouTuber Gautoz first muted that Quantic had done a deal with Disney last week, now that their Sony contract has come to an end. This was then backed up by a notorious leaker Tom Henderson, who claimed to have been told similar information from somebody that "provided overwhelming evidence that he had contacts at Quantic Dream." Kotaku has also claimed to have come across the same information, suggesting that the game has been in development for around 18 months.

According to Kotaku, the new game will be an action game, as opposed to the usual story-based affair the team are known for, and will possibly have an open-world setting along with multiplayer features.

As mentioned, Quantic themselves have given a hint in the form of a few job listings, with a new senior game designer and game economy designer being sought after. These roles suggest that the team are looking to build a game as a service, and a senior-level role also backs up the open-world theory.

We'll be sure to keep an eye on the situation and report more as we learn it.


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