Rage Easter Eggs

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Posted on October 3, 2011, GameFront Staff Rage Easter Eggs

The new game from the guys behind Quake and Doom is here — and the past is always on their minds. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Scroll down to check out some completely insane easter eggs, as many as we can find, for the most post-apocalyptic game of October; Rage.

Anger comes naturally when you’re having trouble in a game, so let Game Front guide you with our complete video and text walkthrough. Or, if you’re looking for more extra content, check out the cheats page for a comprehensive list of everything extra for Rage.

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Easter Eggs

All FOUR Secret Easter Egg Rooms

Wolfenstein 3D Room

  • During the first visit to the Ghost Clan’s hideout, after reviving yourself, you’ll fight some bandits in the higher floors.
  • Kill the enemies here, and look for a television against a flat wall. Just to the right of the wall, interact to open a secret door.
  • Inside you’ll find a rare treasure that can be sold for 150 bucks.

Doom Room

  • This room can be accessed from the Gearhead Vault. Defeat two of the tough Gearhead bandits inside the bank offices.
  • From these offices, search for seven computer keyboards to interact with. Every time you interact with a keyboard, which has no prompt, you’ll hear a Doom sound effect.
  • After activating all seven keyboards, you’ll hear a growl — that’s how you know the Doom door is now open.
  • Backtrack to the beginning of the level, near the vault entrance. Look for a flaming barrel near the beginning of the vault, and jump to it. From the barrel, jump onto a box positioned in front of another door. Crouch and crawl inside and find a raised tile to teleport into the Doom Room.
  • Inside the Doom Room, you’ll find another valuable treasure, so don’t leave without it.


  • To locate this room, you’ll have to search the Wasted Garage for three hidden buttons. Don’t do this one while completing the mission to find parts for the Buggy, return on your own later.
  • The buttons do not have an onscreen prompt, you’ll know they’ve been activated when you hear a QUAKE-like sound effect.
  • Starting from the button of the building, the first button is on the second floor. Run past where you had previously found the distributor cap for your buggy, and look for a nightstand. Look beneath the drawer to find the first button.
  • Moving up, the next button is on the third floor, in a small room behind a filing cabinet. The button is facing the wall, behind the cabinet — you’ll need to crouch and press against the wall to see the button.
  • The last button is on the fourth floor. Find a red workbench, and look on the wall just left of it. Crouch and interact to activate the button.
  • Return to the second floor to find the room. In one deadend hallway, you’ll find a QUAKE symbol painted on one of the walls. Run up the steps and enter the portal — inside you’ll find a rare piece of treasure.

Secret Developer Graffiti Room

  • While completing the mission for Dietrich to go to the Abandoned Distillery, you can discover this hidden developer room.
  • Look for a large room with four tall stills in the center with a few more off to the side. Look along the walls for a ladder leading down underneath the stills.
  • Climb down and circle around the stills to find an alcove with a mattress against the wall and a valve above it. Turn the valve to open the door into the secret room.
  • Get out of the recessed area and climb back up to the main floor. As you get off the ladder, turn right — there is now an opening big enough to crouch into and crawl through.
  • Crawl inside to unlock the Dev Graffitti achievement / trophy. Congratulations!

Doom and Fallout Bobbleheads

  • The first bobblehead is just for show — you’ll find it right in the beginning, while riding with Dan Hagar after the rescue. Just look on the dashboard! The Doom Marine was never so cute.
  • Vault-Boy is a little handier. Find this goodie after you arrive in Wellsprings, you’ll be invited into the Mayor’s Office. Look on the right side of his desk to spot him. It’s Vault-Boy! Grab him and sell this rare loot for an easy $150.

Mayor Blake Bobblehead

  • This one is easy, when meeting Mayor Blake, just look on his desk. He has his own bobblehead! Take it, it’s an easy rare treasure, and can be sold for $150.

Doom 3 T-Shirt

  • Find the nut named Crazy Joe in his shack, in the Wasteland, and look at his t-shirt. Is that Doom 3? Oh Id!
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