RAGE on PC Fraught with Bugs; No Advanced Graphic Settings

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Published by GameFront.com 11 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Posted on October 4, 2011, Phil Hornshaw RAGE on PC Fraught with Bugs; No Advanced Graphic Settings

What is the deal with developers just deciding not to iron out the PC versions of their games?

All over the Internet, players are experiencing lots of visual troubles with RAGE, like screen tearing and that ubiquitous texture pop-up. At Game Front, staffers’ experiences are ranging from just fine (with NVIDIA cards) to nigh unplayable (with ATi ones). And no, John Carmack, we didn’t forget to update our drivers.

It seems id Software’s PC support for RAGE is just short of nonexistent, too. Supposedly the developer’s brand new engine, id Tech 5, is smarter than you and optimizes itself for your PC. That’s why RAGE includes no advanced graphics settings — you can adjust resolution, brightness, anti-aliasing and GPU transcoding, and that’s all. RAGE Lead Designer Tom Willits says this is because id Tech 5 notes what kind of resources you have available and optimizes the game performance around your hardware, while maintaining the game at 60 frames per second. In other words, “You don’t need to see the game’s graphical settings. These aren’t the settings you’re looking for. Move along.”

It appears I was wrong about the Playstation 3 version not being able to stand up to the PC version in terms of visual fidelity. The only troubles I had on the PS3, other than the game being kinda repetitive, was annoying texture popping all over everything. Sounds like PC users also have that texture problem, on top of everything else.

Check out this Steam forums thread for some of the issues other players are experiencing, and even a few hot fixes for RAGE on PC. Having troubles with RAGE on PC? Let us know in the comments — along with any fixes you might find — and we’ll try to get the word out to everyone.

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