Rainbow Six Siege goes old-school for its fifth birthday

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Rainbow Six: Siege is celebrating its fifth birthday this week by going old-school, with a limited "Legacy Arcade" mode that will revert the game back to the way it was when it released.

The mode is limited time only though -until January 5th - but allows you to go and check out the original maps, operators and loadouts from back in 2015. 

It's remarkable to see just how much the game has changed over the last five years, and it's really highlighted by this mode - there's so much more to the game these days that getting back to basics is actually rather refreshing, and a nice change of pace.

Operators will retain their new abilities but will have loadouts from the original version of the game in the mode - meaning newer features such as claymores won't be available.

If you take part in the Legacy Mode while it's available you'll also get a free operator, or a candy-cane Elf outfit for Ash if you already own them all, which is nice.

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