Randy Pitchford could have hinted at the next Borderlands game

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Borderlands 3 and its various DLC may only just be entering the rear-view mirror, but it seems Gearbox may be working on the next instalment in the franchise already if a new job posting and hint from Randy Pitchford are anything to go by. 

Talking about the job posting on Twitter, Pitchford hinted that Gearbox was looking for help "on the big one," which strongly suggests a new Borderlands game, which is arguably the biggest franchise that Gearbox is involved with.

Gamereactor has also hinted recently that the next Borderlands is "closer than you think," although it also hinted towards a spin-off rather than another entry in the main series. There's nothing to back up the claims, however, although Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat dropped a similar hint during a live stream, stating that "they might not necessarily be developing, but I think they're involved with those games, always. They own part of the IP, along with Take-Two, so it would make sense to me. I haven't confirmed that game for sure, but I saw that Gamereactor story and I kind of heard about that too, and that sounds right." 

Pitchford's subsequent tweet basically addressed the rumours by confirming that the team were always working on Borderlands to some degree and that they would always be the lead developer on these games, rather than co-developers as rumours had suggested. "I am told of rumors that Gearbox is 'assisting' or 'co-developing' another Borderlands games (or a new spin-off game)," he said. "These rumors are NOT accurate. Gearbox is lead dev of any future games in the Borderlands franchise (or any Borderlands adjacent games) with no co-development." 

So while far from  a confirmation, it seems to be a pretty strong hint that Gearbox are working on something Borderlands related right now. It's been two years since Borderlands 3 released, so we may actually hear something sooner than we think, perhaps as soon as E3 this year. Only time will tell.

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