Ransomware gang leaks data from Ubisoft and Crytek

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Published by Plokite Wolf 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

While it takes a lot to trick a tech-savvy person to unsuspectingly open doors to malware on their computer, especially with more and more companies enforcing security protocols, cases of ransomware infections are still widespread. 

ZDNet reports that such an event happened to both Ubisoft and Crytek - in both cases, the ransomware gang known as Egregor managed to not only access their systems but also steal the data they found. While they failed to actually encrypt the data on Ubisoft's network as ransomware usually does, they did manage to do so to Crytek. To make things worse, they started to publish select files from the data they stole, including source codes of their respective games such as Watch Dogs: Legion and Warface, and threaten to release even more than that if they are not contacted by the affected companies. 

However, Ubisoft may be particularly at fault for lax security at their company as they were warned as early as last autumn that their staff is prone to phishing. 

A piece of advice for our readers who might be targets of such attacks privately or within their companies: even if a site or email sent to you by a seemingly known sender but which deviates from their usual style of correspondence, check the exact URL and sender header, respectively. If still unsure, directly ask the potentially impersonated contact if they really sent that. And as usual, keep your passwords strong and unique, use two- or multi-factor authentication wherever possible, and keep important and otherwise sensitive data backed up on preferably isolated media in case things do get messy.

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