Raven's Creative Director spoilers Black Ops - Cold War campaign

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War is just around the corner, so it's expected that we'd know a fair bit about what the game will be about at this point, but Raven's creative director, Dan Vondrak, has decided to basically spoil the three of the game's campaign missions, because, reasons.

So fair warning, a lot of what is coming here is spoilers, as Vondrak takes us through the story of each campaign, along with an impressive look at the environments they'll be set in. If you want to be surprised, then don't click play on the videos below. In fact, just click back on your browser now.

The first area shown off is Amsterdam, in a mission known as "Nowhere Left to Run," and is the mission we've seen most of so far in promotional materials for the game. According to Vondrak, it starts off in a neon-lit bar, and, well, things quickly escalate from there, ending up in an epic chase across the rooftops.

According to Vondrak, "Nowhere Left to Run is a great example of how we wanted to pay homage to the original Black Ops in a few ways that fans will recognize." This makes sense, as the first Black Ops also started off in a bar, so it's a nice little nod to the series' origins. 

The next video shows off Vietnam, in a mission named "Fractured Jaw." The mission is something of a flashback sequence, and you'll land in the middle of the Vietnam War and encounter Perseus. 

There are several flashbacks in the game, and according to Raven, the characters will slowly "unblur" events from their past through them. The mission is also something of an epic, with Vondrak commenting that "It was great being able to push the big war feeling in these levels, from flying helicopters to being a soldier on the ground fighting through jungles and rice paddies."

Finally, we take a look at the last mission, Desperate Measures, which sees you attempt to infiltrate KGB headquarters, in the heart of the Soviet Union itself. Brave.  According to Vondrak, "After tracking down several leads in the hunt for Perseus, the team find themselves faced with the unthinkable: they must go behind the Iron Curtain—into the heart of the Soviet Union—and infiltrate the KGB headquarters."

This one looks amazing and sees players seeking around undercover in something akin to a Metal Gear Solid game, before it eventually descends into an all-out battle for survival because of course, it would. The Lubyanka building is really well represented, and I'm personally excited to play through his one.

So yeah, that's half the game spoiled for you, fi you've read this far - but fear not - the game is set to release n less than two weeks, on November 13th, so you won't have to wait long to learn the rest.

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