Razer Alpha Strikes With A MechWarrior Peripheral

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Posted on June 24, 2012, CJ Miozzi Razer Alpha Strikes With A MechWarrior Peripheral

Razer is known for its awesome gaming peripherals, but their latest creation has gone above and beyond: the Artemis Concept Controller, a peripheral designed specifically for MechWarrior Online.

Pictured above, the Artemis includes a joystick with force feedback, and integrated screen that may display the in-game map or UI information, and a mechanical keypad.

Speaking with Game Front at E3 2012, Razer’s Alvin Chua, Product Marketing Specialist, explained how as soon as he found out about MechWarrior Online, he knew Razer had to make a special peripheral for it to recreate the experience of being in a mech. Gamers above the age of 20 likely remember the days when the joystick reigned supreme (to play Descent with any other controller setup was just insane), and Razer is looking to bring the joystick back to PC gaming in a big way.

Chua discussed the possibility of making the Artemis modular — to give gamers the freedom to move the joystick to the left-hand side, for instance. As far as pricing is concerned, Chua would ideally like it priced under $200, but it’s not his call to make.

How much would you pay for a peripheral like this?


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