Re-Master Your Own Games - Let the AI do the Work?

By Digz 5 years ago

An article I read on over at The Verge got me thinking about all the developers re-mastering their video games. We've seen it happen for RPG games but mostly RTS games so far as their nostalgic value increases and so does the want for RTS games to go back to their roots where it was gameplay that took centre stage. 

The article spoke about how artificial intelligence helps old games look new, "AI upscaling" is what it is called and it is helping modders and ordinary folk beef up the textures within old games. The basics behind it are outlined in a reddit article here whereby it talks of many options you can use to upscale your old games. The first method is using Waifu2x and you can see a video on the HD textures just by using that method:

The second method is ESRGAN, and on the website for it it looks at various examples of increasing the quality of the textures by focusing on the pixels, you can check out the website here and see an example below:

Of course you don't just shove some photos into a piece of software and it does it automatically, there is still a lot of manual work to be done but it seems that a lot of modders are currently using these techniques and AI tools to re-master some of their favourite games, in the article we see Doom II, Final Fantasy VII and Metroid Prime 2 games being showcased but this can easily be extended to other classic games.

The value of re-mastery is certainly out there, we know Blizzard, EA/Petroglyph and others are re-mastering their old games but could this method be a way that we as a gaming community do the rest of the games we love and bring them into the 21st century?


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