Recreate Star Wars Movie Moments in Jedi Academy

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Published by FileTrekker 5 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

One of Star Wars: Jedi Academy's most famous mods, Movie Battles II, has just had a major update, which allows you to play as any character from the Star Wars universe, in almost any scenario you can think of.

The Movie Battles mod isn't new, it's been around for many years now, but the premise has been to allow players to re-create famous epic battles and moments from the Star Wars franchise, as well as making the multiplayer mode of the game a much more team-focused affair, as well as adding a host of new skins and levels not found in the base game.

The new update, Penekepack 1.6.2, adds a huge array of new content to the mod, including almost every character from the franchise, a whole range of new lightsaber hilts, from the awesome to the totally insane, as well as new menus and other enhancements. The new content allows players to combine any number of characters and scenarios together to re-create famous moments from the franchise, or create entirely new ones.

The new content includes characters and settings from Knights of the Old Republic, Rogue One, and Rebels.

You can download the mod, and read the full list of new changes, [url=]by clicking here[/url].

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