Red Dead Online Moonshine Ingredients Guide

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Frontier Pursuit for Red Dead Online is now live, and it allows players to start their own illegal moonshine operation, and even open their own speakeasy, an underground illegal drinking den.

One of the key challenges in the new online update though is keeping your recipes fresh and the punters coming, and to do that, you'll need a wide range of different ingredients.

Some of these ingredients are needed for almost all concoctions, but some are rarer and will allow you to create more popular concoctions. We've gathered all the different ingredients together along with locations these can be found within the game.

  • Apples  - These can easily be found both within catalogues at general stores, or by looting dead bodies as a relatively common dropped item.

  • Blackberries - The best location to find these is in Valentine. Head to the south west of the town, and you'll find plenty of them spawning among the various bushes there.

  • Canned Apricots / Peaches / Pineapples / Strawberries - Like apples, these can easily be purchased from general stores or by looting bodies. These items are rarely found spawned in the game world, except when looting dead bodies, so this is by far the easiest way to obtain them.

  • Caribbean Rum - These are a little harder to obtain. They do spawn, rarely, on dead bodies, but to obtain them in any real quantity, you'll need to complete Madam Nazar's Bottle Maps, where you'll get them as a collectable.

  • Creek Plum - The flowers for these can be found around Rhodes, just below Braithwaite Manor, as well as on the plains of Dewberry Creek and in Big Valley. These flowers do spawn randomly, though, so if you can't find any, check back after a day.

  • Currant - The easiest way to obtain currant is to purchase them from Madam Nazar.

  • Evergreen Huckleberry - You can find quite a large quantity spawning near Saint Denis. Head north west out of the city towards the Bayou river.

  • Ginseng - This herb can also be purchased from Madam Nazar, but luckily it also spawns very commonly in any relatively flat landscape, such as the lands around Valentine, so this one can be easily collected.

  • Golden Currant - This spawns in large quantities near the Van Horn Trading Post, just head west out of the town towards the Kamassa River.

  • Peaches and Pears - These can also be easily purchased from stores, but can rarely be found as loot drops also.

  • Red Raspberry - The best place to find these spawning is by heading to Stillwater Creek, head southwest and you'll find them spawning in the wilderness.

  • Vanilla Flower  - From Saint Denis, head to the South East side of Lagras Lake, and you'll find plenty of this spawning.

  • Wild Mint - Head South West from Valentine, and you'll find this spawning in large qantities near the river.

  • Wintergreen Berry - This spawns in large quantities to the north of Brandywine Drop.

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