Red Dead Redemption 2 PC has a rather sloppy issue

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

It seems there's no end in sight for the various issues plaguing Red Dead Redemption 2's PC port, and while Rockstar seems to be at least trying hard to resolve the various bugs, crashes and stutters, there is one new bug that has come to light that, in my opinion, there's no excuse for.

According to a a thread on reddit started by jimmyoneshot, it appears that Arthur's weight and cores are draining at a much faster rate than on the game's console counterparts. Perplexed, he did some investigations, and found that Arthur was loosing weight so fast it was near impossible to gain any, and that the health, stamina and dead eye cores were draining at around 4x the rate of the console version.

And here is the clue - have you figured it out?

Yup. It seems the passage of time in the game is tied to the frame rate. This means that the faster the machine you're using, the quicker Arthur will loose weight and more importantly the faster your cores will drain, putting you at quite a disadvantage.

So I did an experiment - I made a save game at the very start of Chapter 2 and then proceeded to replay the same day twice in the exact same way, doing 2 missions and eating 4 steaks at the exact same times on each day except on one day I used my usual fps of 100 - 130 and on the 2nd day I limited it to 30fps, the same as consoles.  On the first day the usual problem occurred, my cores drained fast not that long after I had refilled them via eating and the next day Arthur's weight had gone down by 0.75. That might not sound like much but bare in mind that is after eating 4 STEAKS throughout the day and also that it means that at that rate after 10 days of this same hefty diet Arthur would be at his minimum weight -7.5. Imagine if you didn't eat 4 steaks a day.

I'd noticed myself that the day and night cycle in the game seems unusually quick compared to how I remember the experience on PS4, so this would seemingly make sense. Other players have also noted the odd Day / Night cycle speed.

I hadn't consciously noticed the cores or weight issue, though, but I'll be looking out for that now. I have the PS4 version so may do my own testing.

Of course, locking the FPS to 30 is one option, but heck, I'm not down for that. Frankly this just seems really sloppy to me. Tying the ingame time to a variable you know will widly differ between experiences just screams lazy porting to me. 

Hopefully this is (yet another) issue Rockstar will fix soon, but honestly, I expect more from a company that large, with it's huge resources, when it comes to port quality and general quality checking.

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