Red Dead Redemption 2 update fixes stuttering (sort of)

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Red Dead 2 got off to, shall we say, a rocky start when it launched on PC last week, with various difficulties including activation problems, crashing, and performance issues. Some of those, namely the activation and most of the game crashing encounters, were resolved relatively quickly, but one problem, the pesky performance and stuttering problems, remained.

There's been a lot of theories about why this is happening, from Intel CPU's not being hyperthreaded being a cause to an option, ASync Compute, not being turned on by default. The answer is actually more tricky than these alone, though. It seems some Intel CPUs are indeed affected, but only when paired with NVIDIA GPU's and, ironically, only because they're, well, a little too fast for the game's engine to handle.

Rockstar, in an unusual move, confirmed the issue on Twitter and has made the following statement on the matter;

This makes a lot of sense to me. I was one of those affected by the issue, and have a pairing of a Core i5 and GTX 1070 GPU. The only thing I found that helped was using a nifty little tool called Process Lasso, which took away one CPU core from the game if it got a little too rowdy with resources, but that only limited, not eliminated, the problem.

There's a few workarounds out there, and a new update helps alleviate the issue somewhat, although possibly at the cost of some performance based on the nature of it's implementation as an optional flag that must be explicitly enabled.

I suppose as another bonus, affected players will be getting some extra goodies to say sorry, including a new Prieto Poncho, extra provisions, and ammo to use in Red Dead Online.

Personally I could care less, I just want the game to run well, but it's a nice gesture I guess.

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