RedSpotGames Announces Two New Dreamcast Titles

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Posted on August 21, 2007, Jonathan RedSpotGames Announces Two New Dreamcast Titles


Developer RedSpotGames has announced that they will be showcasing two new titles for the SEGA Dreamcast at the Leipzig Games Convention. And no, that’s not a typo. Apparently, because new development kits for the system have become available, independent developers can have a crack at making their own games for the system. Of course, the Dreamcast system has been essentially dead for a few years now, making these games really only useful to those who still have the system tucked away in their closet somewhere. Besides which, the new titles are a puzzle game and a top-down shooter: two genres that were definitely not under-represented on SEGA’s system.

At any rate, the shooter will be titled “Dalforce” and will support four players and a unique scoring system. The puzzle game will be called “Wind and Water Puzzle Battles,” and is a port of an arcade title. And I hope someone out there at least has the good sense to create a T-Shirt that reads “The Dreamcast Shall Rise Again” out of this dead system revitalizing.

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