Report: League of Legends Generated $624 Million in 2013

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Posted on January 20, 2014, Mike Sharkey Report: League of Legends Generated $624 Million in 2013

More than $11.7 billion. That’s billion with a B, and that’s how much gamers in the U.S. spent on digital games (including subscriptions, microtransactions, and DLC) in 2013.

The stats come from SuperData’s US Digital Games Market 2013 report (thanks Escapist) and they strongly suggest that as much as many people hate DLC, microstransactions and the hidden hooks of F2P, the business model is here to stay. According to SuperData, the U.S. digital games market grew a healthy 11% in 2013.

The research firm also dug into the worldwide digital market to determine the top 10 online games of 2013 based on F2P earnings:

Of note: Valve doesn’t share its financial data, so the TF2 revenue figure is clearly an estimate. Even so, that’s a ridiculous number of hats. Also interesting to see SWTOR pull in $139 million. It appears the move to a F2P model was the right one for EA. As for CrossFire… people sure don’t mind paying to play a free CoD clone. I’ll be curious to see how Activision’s own F2P shooter, Call of Duty Online, fares when it launches this year.

And it wouldn’t be a F2P story without League of Legends. Riot’s MOBA continues to face new competitors, with Dota 2 officially launching in 2013, Smite hitting open beta, and Infinite Crisis in a large closed beta, but the money train hasn’t slowed down. More than $624 million is an impressive number for the now four-year-old game.


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