Resident Evil 2's Police Station comes to Dying Light

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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

While an official remake of Resident Evil 2 may or may not be on the horizon, a new mod created by Residence of Evil has re-created the iconic Police Station map within Dying Light, giving a tantalizing glimpse at what a HD remake could be.

The mod is a work in progress, and the team say that the possibility of more locations from Resi 2 could appear within the mod in future releases. The mod fits perfectly with Dying Light, with players able to explore the police station and fight off Zombies as they do so.  Both solo and co-op game mods are available.

The map contains the full police station area, along with some outside areas. 

The map is currently in "beta", so keep an eye on this one for future Resident Evil 2 goodness. You can subscribe to the mod on Steam Workshop here.

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