Resident Evil 8 development build has been leaked

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Remember the recent ransomware attack suffered by Capcom recently? Hackers stole information that included customer data and have slowly been leaking it out to the internet - with the latest leak being, apparently, a development build of Resident Evil 8: Village.

Screenshots from the build have popped up across the internet over the past 24 hours, and appear to show the game in a very early state - with debug information shown on the screenshots. You can check out the screenshots, as of writing, on Imgur, but we won't be reposting or hosting them for obvious reasons.

Also, spoiler warning - the screenshots do seem to give away some of the concepts from the game, including some interesting images centred around a baby - possibly a key plot point? There's also an interesting half-human, half-bat monstrosity in there that, frankly, looks terrifying.

The release date for the game was, supposedly, due in April, according to another, prior leak - Capcom has, so far, refused to pay the hackers' demands, hence the continued data leaks.

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